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The Your Revolution Podcast is a collaboration between Revolution Personal and Performance Training in Melbourne and The Me Project. The purpose of the Your Revolution Podcast is to inspire you on your mission of betterment. Each week on the podcast you'll meet game-changers who have created extraordinary lives and you'll listen to stories and lessons to empower you to make the changes necessary to your life. The Your Revolution Podcast is committed to fitness, health, nutrition, mindset, community, education, empowerment and betterment and we hope that you can take what you learn here and apply it to your very own revolution.
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Apr 30, 2017

So often we say we don't have time or we're too busy, but all we're really saying is that it is not enough of a priority for us.

Priority is the centre point of time, energy and effort allocation. And if by analysing your schedule you feel like the allocation is off, then this is your cue to create change.

Our brains try to keep us safe and to our brains change is unsafe. But what about a life whereby you live by someone else's priorities? Or worse still priorities set for you by society? How safe is that?

The only question you need to ask is what is important to you? And how is your schedule reflecting and supporting this?

If your health is a priority, make time for it. If the love of your life is a priority, make time for them, engage with them, show them love, through your energy and enthusiasm as well as your time. Work taking up too much of your time? How productive are you actually being? And what about those kids? Number 1 priority? Yet you're stuck at work and grouchy and tired all the time as a result, not to mention ashamed of your body and disappointed in yourself so of course you snap at them constantly. That's not priority. That's turning the joys of your life into chores because you lack pride in the place that you are in.

What kind of life are you allowing for yourself by sacrificing your priorities for what you think you "should" be doing?

Want this to change? Then take notes on this one.

Apr 23, 2017

Meet Hayden Quinn. At just 30 years of age, Hayden has shown us what passion and hard work can do. Years ago he starred on Masterchef, but since then he has created TV shows, written books, opened a gym and inspired millions of people through education, insight and excitement about how they can live their best life.

Hilarious, natural and so driven, Hayden is a total game-changer. I sat through the interview amazed at the passion of this Aussie-guy-next-door. I learnt so much from his attitude, his perseverance and his energy.

Hayden isn’t a success today because of Masterchef 8 years ago. Hayden is a success because he chooses to be every day. He works hard and sometimes he struggles, but none of it has been handed to him and it’s his attitude and work ethic that keeps seeing him climb.

What I want for this podcast is for you to realise that his story isn’t a fairytale of luck but it’s a story that shows us that we can do anything we want. We don’t need to wait for perfect conditions to start we just have to start. And once we start that’s when the magic really begins. The process of our life is our life and the longer you put everything on hold because the conditions aren’t perfect, the further away your life gets.

So with that being said I hope you enjoy todays episode with Hayden as much as I enjoyed recording it for you.


Apr 18, 2017

I guess you could say haters are gonna hate. But what can we do about it?

This week on the Your Revolution Podcast, Jane Erbacher talks about criticism. Where does it come from and what can we do when it's directed at us?

It's clear the majority of time that when criticism comes our way it's not even about us. It's a reflection of insecurity and it's usually within the context of our deeply ingrained tall poppy syndrome. But does that help when we feel under attack? And when we are, what can we do?

Have a listen to find out how you can stand up for yourself and how you can stop the movement of jealousy and hate.

Apr 11, 2017

This week on the Your Revolution Podcast, Jane Erbacher speaks with Eliza Paschke.

Eliza is a bright, bubbly, enthusiastic and fun 30 year old with what seems to be a carefree life. But Eliza's story is one that many of us can relate to. For years Eliza has battled with anxiety and depression and at her lowest could barely leave the house.

This conversation is open and honest and really tackles some of the most relevant issues affecting our society today.

We underestimate the courage it takes to talk truthfully about our lives and I am so grateful to Eliza for sharing her experience. We can all learn something from each others story and I hope so much that Eliza's story leaves an impact on you and inspires you to change the conversation around mental illness.

Apr 2, 2017
Choice starts with the acknowledgement that everything you want is within your reach. 
Choice starts with what. 
It continues with how. 
And it survives with why. 
Deciding what you want, taking the ongoing action to achieve it and understanding why it is important to you. Every single day.
Is it always easy? No.
Is it always worth it? Yes.
What's stopping you? Fear.
How can you change it? By choosing to.
Simple in theory. Nearly impossible in practice. But that is what life is all about.
Choosing to be better. Choosing to open yourself up. Choosing to take risks. Choosing to grow. Choosing to pick yourself up after mistakes. Choosing not to settle for a life that is less than you deserve.
I choose to love my life.
I choose to surround myself with people who build me up and make me better.
I choose to work hard, get uncomfortable, strive to be the best I can and I hope that this episode of the Your Revolution Podcast inspires you to do the same.