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The Your Revolution Podcast is a collaboration between Revolution Personal and Performance Training in Melbourne and The Me Project. The purpose of the Your Revolution Podcast is to inspire you on your mission of betterment. Each week on the podcast you'll meet game-changers who have created extraordinary lives and you'll listen to stories and lessons to empower you to make the changes necessary to your life. The Your Revolution Podcast is committed to fitness, health, nutrition, mindset, community, education, empowerment and betterment and we hope that you can take what you learn here and apply it to your very own revolution.
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Nov 29, 2016

Meet Aaron Scarborough. One of the owners of Iron Revolution - A powerlifting, strongman and strength gym in Melbourne.

Not only is this guy an awesome coach and man, he's here to tell us all about what Strongman training is and why you should give it a go.

Strongman training is functional strength in its purest form. Think pulling, carrying, dragging, pushing and lifting all sorts of objects with just you. Awesome for strength, fitness and building mental and physical capacity.

This guy is awesome and I'm so grateful for his insight and passion.

Nov 22, 2016

Are you stuck in your comfort zone and can't see a way out? It's a funny thing our comfort zone because it is actually comfortable, and is comfortable even that bad? Well you tell me.

How would you rate your life? How passionate are you? Are you living intentionally? With purpose? How about your love? Relationships? Your career? Your body? Are you living unconsciously, waiting for 5 o'clock, waiting for the weekends, waiting for holidays?

How do you really feel? 

Today's episode is about getting honest. Where are you now, where would you like to be and how are you going to get there?


Nov 15, 2016

Right or wrong sometimes life gets in the way of our grand plans and no amount of positive thinking can help. This last week I've been sick, Trump got elected and my computer got completely wiped. Not life-ending by any standards but for some reason I got seriously derailed.

Like an idiot I tried to push through. I ignored the messages my body was giving me - I mean I had things to do! - And as a result I got sicker.

It made me think that when life doesn't go according to plan this isn't always a bad thing! A derail offers us time for us to take stock of our lives and really assess whether where we are going is where we want to be going. It gives us a chance to rest and recuperate and it gives us an opportunity to withdraw from the pressure to always be ok.

All we have control over is our reaction to life and our outlook on life and it's about time that we realised that our reactions don't always have to be positive in order to have a positive impact on our lives.

Nov 8, 2016

Head of the Women's Program at Gym Jones, Lisa MacDonald is just getting started on her quest to improve the lives of women and men across the entire world.

Passionate, knowledgable and fiercely determined, Lisa is one of those people you meet who you know is going to change the world. At just 28 her life experience is vast and she is set on using everything she knows and everything she has learnt to make your life better.

No topic is left uncovered in this epic conversation. From health & fitness, to hormones, pregnancy and female specific training, we delve into them all in a fun, yet super informative way.

Thank you so much Lisa for being a part of the RevoPT podcast. You are amazing.

Nov 1, 2016

What is your purpose?

What are you passionate about?

Why are you here? What drives you?

These are the questions I address with each of the guests on the podcast, but what about you? Do you have answers to these questions? Or do they make you a little nervous because you're unsure of why you're here? And if you're unsure, how do you find these answers?

Well today's episode addresses this questions of purpose and its relevance to you.

Purpose by its very definition is a reason for action. For me life is about living. Life isn't about simply showing up aimlessly day in day out, life is about choosing where you will be, how you will live and what impact you will have on those around you and the world. Purpose gives your life meaning and meaning gives your existence life.

Today hear about the 4 steps it takes to finding your purpose and how addressing these will add passion and fulfilment to your life.