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The Your Revolution Podcast is a collaboration between Revolution Personal and Performance Training in Melbourne and The Me Project. The purpose of the Your Revolution Podcast is to inspire you on your mission of betterment. Each week on the podcast you'll meet game-changers who have created extraordinary lives and you'll listen to stories and lessons to empower you to make the changes necessary to your life. The Your Revolution Podcast is committed to fitness, health, nutrition, mindset, community, education, empowerment and betterment and we hope that you can take what you learn here and apply it to your very own revolution.
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Aug 29, 2016

We all love taking a holiday, but could you be doing it better? 

So many of us are stuck in a cycle of working towards the weekend, a holiday or retirement, but what about today? What about every day? How can we make our lives feel as fun, exciting and uplifting as a holiday? A simple shift in attitude can take us from running from our lives when we take a break to running towards our holiday.

And how can we holiday right? How can we include our daily rituals on holiday? And why would we want to?

This is the podcast to remind you of why you're doing what you're doing and how you can do it even better. Get the most out of your life every day and start living amazingly.

Aug 23, 2016


“Strength and happiness comes from finding balance.”

Before personal training, Jamie-Lee was a teacher for children with special needs.
While the classroom may seem worlds away from RevoPT, to Jamie-Lee they’re not so different. 
In both roles, she helps people realise their best selves – something that takes patience, understanding, communication and trust.

She moved into training after using exercise as a personal stress-relief that offered mental and physical results. When people started asking her for advice, she knew she’d found a new career. With clients that range from their 20’s to their 70’s, Jamie-Lee doesn’t have a set training style. Her focus is on using your individual strengths and goals to create a tailored program that suits you.

Exercise has changed Jamie-Lee’s life. After spending years helping others find their best-self, she took the time to find her own and believes that’s a feeling everyone deserves.

Hope you like it!

Aug 14, 2016

Meet Ruby Marsh. Life coach and facilitator, solopreneur and all-round amazing human, Ruby is on a mission to empower people to live their life to their fullest potential everyday.

Passionate, kind, engaging, non-judgmental and action-oriented, Ruby gives you the tools you need to create the changes in your life that will lead to sustainable and lasting improvement. We are lucky enough to have Ruby running a workshop at Revo PT on the 3rd of September and this conversation with her will show you why you absolutely cannot miss it. 

We hope you like this conversation and jump across to to sign up for her Soulful Living Workshop.

Aug 8, 2016

Penny Locaso is an incredible woman who is putting a huge dent in the world through her project and business - BKindred. As a coach, mentor and facilitator, Penny is on a mission to empower and elevate women to create and sustain their career dreams and is currently completely crushing it!

This week Penny interviews your host Jane Erbacher to see if she can uncover any of Jane's secrets for us.

What resulted was an  honest and open conversation about Jane's path to now - including her own struggles with health, body image and self-love - and where she is going from here.

This conversation will open your eyes to just how passionate people can be and just what might be around the corner for you with a little help.

Thank you Penny for guest hosting the episode, we think you're amazing. 

Aug 1, 2016

You have a choice every, single day.  You get to choose every morning when you wake up how you will approach your life; what your perspective is; what your outlook is; what your reality is - all your choice.


What are you choosing now?


Shifting your mindset can be tough and to do so, you've got to take action and step outside your comfort zone. No change or growth comes from within your comfort zone, so put a little faith in yourself. Address your attitude, get outside your comfort zone, take action, live.